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Harekat stands for move


Harekat is a professional consulting company supporting enterprises interested in operations in the Middle East. We specialize in the markets of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman and the UAE.

The company was established in 2011 and has been operating continuously since then, which makes us the oldest company of this type on the Polish market.
We’ve become a leader in our class thanks to hard work and customer trust.

Harekat is a group of professionals who spent a significant part of their lives in Asia and confronted academic knowledge with practice. Our company employs and cooperates with specialists in various fields, in particular state administration, law, economics, real estate, logistics, international trade, international relations, diplomacy, public relations and languages of the region.

Thanks to a wide range of experts, Harekat Consulting is able to provide comprehensive services to all entities in every sector of the region’s economy.




We provide reliable and precise information that helps explore markets that have been difficult to access so far. Harekat is aware of the importance of proper preparation of all business projects, which is why we approach analytical tasks with great care. The detailed scope of analyzes, the exact shape of business plans, etc. depends on customer requirements.


Entering the market without experience and knowledge of the specificity of the country may result in failure. To avoid such scenario Harekat provides its clients with information and studies, including in the following areas:

  • Customs procedures (import and export)

  • Logistics (transport and storage)

  • Requirements for goods (certificates, licenses, permits, tests)

  • Prohibitions or restrictions on the import and export of certain goods

  • Marketing activities on the local market (advertising and promotional campaigns)


We will be pleased to represent your company and its offer at all industry fairs and economic missions, in particular in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Oman and United Arab Emirates. In addition, we are able to permanently or temporarily represent the client’s company in a given country. Representation may take the form of a power of attorney, representation or a contract for office service.


Our offer includes a wide range of translation services necessary to establish and conduct business in Asia. Despite the fact that European languages ​​are increasingly known in Asia, their knowledge often turns out to be insufficient to conduct business efficiently. We offer translation services in the languages ​​of the Asian countries in which we operate. Our offer also includes trainings on business culture of individual countries and specialized thematic trainings tailored to the client’s needs.